More Updates

As I’m sure most people have noticed, there hasn’t been a consistent theme to my posts. Some of them have been anecdotes about various aspects of my life, others have been more about my observations regarding the world today (mostly the bad stuff). Considering the feedback I’ve received, the observations have received the most praise, so that’s what I’ll be focusing on. As time goes by and my material builds, I’ll add other subjects that I’m passionate about. A couple more updates:

I have a new, and most likely permanent, Twitter account: MikeGuillen_1

I can also be reached via email:

If you have any suggestions about topics you’d like me to write about, or feedback for how I can improve, feel free to contact me. 

Finally, thank you for following this blog; I look forward to providing material that is fun and compelling, and having an audience will help me provide that.



Updates to Blog

For those already following this blog, thank you. A couple updates to it are:

My new Twitter page, @michaelguillen_. Once I have established some followers there, there will be plenty of witty and fun quotes.

Also, I have finally been able to get the share buttons on my blog to show up. So, whatever your social networking preferences are, you’ll be able to share my posts much easier. Again, I thank you for following this blog.